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Find 12% of 36.
a) 72
b) 4.32
c) 432
d) 3

44 is what percent of 220
a) 20
b) 9680
c) 5

Find the area of the rectangle: length = 20cm and width = 15 cm
a) 300 cm cubed
b) 150 cm squared
c) 300 cm squared
d) 300 cm

Find the area of the triangle: base = 8m and height = 3 m
a) 12 m cubed
b) 12 m squared
c) 24 m cubed
d) 24 m squared

Find the volume of the rectangular prism: length = 2km, width =8 km, heigth = 10 km
a) 16 km cubed
b) 80 km cubed
c) 160 km squared
d) 160 km cubed

Which temperature is cooler?
a) -19 degrees
b) 0 degrees
c) -12 degrees
d) -1 degree

What is an integer for the following: Two strokes below par in golf
a) +2
b) -2
c) -20
d) 2/0

Which is the decimal of the given rational number: -2 1/2
a) -212
b) -2.5
c) 2.5
d) -5/2

What is the absolute value: -|-12|
a) 12
b) -1.2
c) +12
d) -12

Joe owns stock that has dropped -$2.25. Jenny's has dropped -$3.18. Who has lost the most money?
a) Joe
b) Jenny
c) Neither

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