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What was the name of the island Napoleon was exiled to FIRST?
a) Elba
b) Elmira
c) Elberta

When a government spends more than it takes in from tax revenue, it is called _________ ___________.
a) market balancing
b) deficit market
c) deficit spending

France’s economy was based primarily on ______________.
a) slave trade
b) agriculture
c) manufacturing

In the end, what happened to Robespierre?
a) drowning on a barge
b) guillotine
c) life in prison

After Napoleon was exiled, what king took over France?
a) Charles VII (7th)
b) Louis XVIII (18th)
c) Henry XIII (13th)

French revolutionaries stormed the _____________, which was used as a state prison and an armory for the French.
a) Cathedral Notre Dame
b) Louvre
c) Bastille

What remote Atlantic Ocean island was Napoleon finally exiled to?
a) Canary Islands
b) Bahamas
c) St. Helena

Napoleon thought that invading _____________ was a good idea.
a) Turkey
b) Russia
c) Germany

From the period of the Middle Ages until the creation of the French Republic, France’s population was divided into three orders or _________________________.
a) orders
b) estates
c) coups

A group of women attacked the Palace of Versailles on October 5, 1789 over ____________ prices.
a) bread
b) tea
c) tax

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