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The process by which an organisms internal environment is kept stable in spite of changes in the external environment is called _________________.
a) homeostasis
b) dermis
c) cartilage
d) osteoporosis

A baby's skeleton is made of
a) ligaments
b) cartilage
c) nerves
d) melanin

What is the function of melanin?
a) keep water within the skin
b) surround and protect hair follicles
c) produce new living cells in the epidermis
d) help protect the skin from sunburn

Which type of muscle tires quickly during exercise?
a) smooth
b) skeletal
c) cardiac
d) diaphragm

The injury in which a bone comes out of its joint is called a
a) break
b) fracture
c) sprain
d) dislocation

Nerves and blood vessels in the skin are located in the
a) dermis
b) epidermis
c) follicles
d) pores

The bones that form the backbone are called
a) metatarsals
b) discs
c) vertebrae
d) carpals

Skeletal muscles must work in pairs because
a) muscle cells can only contract
b) muscle cells can only extend
c) when muscles work in pairs, they tire less quickly
d) t takes two muscles to move a bone in one direction

Which of the following is NOT a function of the skeleton?
a) providing shape and support for the body
b) protecting internal organs
c) producing blood cells
d) obtaining oxygen

How does the skin help regulate body temperature?
a) by enabling excess heat to escape from the body
b) by removing wastes from the body
c) by allowing body temperature to change when the weather changes
d) by blocking information about the environment

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