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What is a symbiotic relationship?
a) Between three organisms
b) Between two organisms where neither benefit each other
c) Between two organisms where both benefit each other
d) Between two organisms

What are the two symbiotic relationship?
a) Mycorrhizae and lichens
b) Lichens and deuteromycetes
c) Deuteromycetes and mycorrhizae
d) Mycorrhizae and ascomycetes

What two organisms are involved in mycorrhizae?
a) Plants and algae
b) Algae and fungus
c) Plants and fungus
d) Fungus and Bob

What two organisms are involved in lichens?
a) Photosynthetic organism and fungi
b) Fungi and plants
c) Plants and photosynthetic organism
d) Fungus and bob

What two things are contributed in a symbiotic relationship with fungi?
a) Fungi contribute nothing
b) Fungi contribute minerals and nutrients and photosynthesis contributes energy
c) Photosynthesis contributes nothing
d) Neither organism contributes anything beneficial for the other

Which of the following is not a phylum of fungi?
a) Deuteromycetes
b) Ascomycetes
c) Zygomycetes
d) Mycorrhizae

What kingdom do fungi belong to?
a) Protista
b) Animalia
c) Fungi
d) Plantae

Which of the following is not a common name of the phyla of fungi?
a) Common molds
b) Deuteromycetes
c) Imperfect fungi
d) Club fungi

What are hyphae?
a) Many cells
b) Tangled mass of cells
c) Thin filaments of cells with septa
d) Thick filaments of cells without septa

Which part of a fungus can you see growing above ground?
a) Mycelium
b) Hyphae
c) Growth
d) Fruiting body

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