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What was Louis XIV's nickname?
a) Moon King
b) State King
c) Sun King
d) Universal Soldier

Who was the Huguenot King of France?
a) Philip II
b) Henry IV
c) Louis XIV
d) Louis XIII

Who rules England besides the king or queen?
a) Parliament
b) Congress
c) Roundheads
d) Senate

What is the theory that states that God determines who shall be king?
a) Pharoah's Laws
b) Divine Right of Kings
c) Mandate of Heaven
d) Natural Selection Theory

What was the revolution that restored the monarchy of England?
a) The English Civil War
b) The Scientific Revolution
c) The American Revolution
d) The Glorious Revolution

Who did a great job leading Austria despite the fact that they were not ready to rule?
a) Frederick I
b) Frederick II
c) Maria Theresa
d) Peter I

Who imposed a Beard Tax on Russian men?
a) Peter the Great
b) Catherine the Great
c) Charles the Great
d) Wiliam the Great

Who was the empire that threatened the Spanish monarchy?
a) Roman
b) Russian
c) Ottoman
d) Chinese

Who became the monarch of England after the Glorious Revolution?
a) James I
b) William and Mary
c) Charles II
d) Oliver Cromwell

Which European country was able to avoid falling under the control of a strong monarch?
a) France
b) Spain
c) England
d) Prussia

What do you call a person who inherits something from someone who has died?
a) Abdicator
b) Heir
c) Lord Protector
d) Benefactor

Who was the Catholic Cardinal who increased the power of the French monarchy?
a) Meine
b) Richelieu
c) Schenker
d) Rarebell

What was the great fleet of ships built by the Spanish monarchy?
a) Armada
b) Conquistador
c) Squadron
d) Royal Guard

Why didn't Louis XIV rule when he inherited the crown?
a) He was too young
b) He was sick
c) The Fronde
d) The defeat of the Spanish Armada

Who could have burned at the stake during the reign of King Phillip II of Spain?
a) Jews
b) Muslims
c) All
d) Protestants

What is a war called that involves different groups from the same country?
a) Cold War
b) Skirmish
c) Revolution
d) Civil War

What do you call a group of people who work for a leader?
a) Administration
b) Council
c) Opposition
d) Convoy

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