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What is an irregular galaxy?
a) Spiral arms made of gas, dust, and stars
b) Have little gas or dust, no spiral arms, spherical or egg shaped, often reddish
c) No shape, little interstellar matter
d) Black hole

What do many astronomers think is at the center of our galaxy?
a) Stars
b) Sun
c) White dwarf
d) Black hole

What are quasars?
a) Universal things
b) Quasi-stellar objects
c) stars
d) planets

What do astronomers think quasars are the beginnings of?
a) Black holes
b) Galaxies
c) Stars
d) Planets

Describe the structures of a quasar.
a) Huge central black hole, large disk of gas and dust around it
b) Nebula
c) Huge central disk of gas and dust surrounded by a black hole

What are two ways that galaxies change over time?
a) Supernovas and combustion
b) Combustion and collisions with other galaxies
c) Collisions with other galaxies and supernovas
d) Use up their matter (no new stars) and collisions with other galaxies

If you observe a galaxy that is 4 million ly away, you are observing light that left that galaxy how long ago?
a) 2 billion years
b) 4 billion years
c) 4 million years
d) 2 million years

What will our sun form when it dies?
a) Supernova
b) Red giant

How many more years does our sun have to live?
a) 1
b) 5 billion
c) 5 million
d) 10 million

What stage is our sun in now?
a) Infancy
b) Geriatric
c) Midlife
d) Near death

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