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Select the complete sentence from below.
a) By the time he left.
b) At odds with the surroundings.
c) In the center of the aisle.
d) The worker poured the concrete.

Select the sentence fragment from below.
a) She flew to an island resort.
b) Repeating the same long story.
c) The horses were enjoying the day.
d) Some people didn't leave.

Select the complete sentence from below.
a) In the middle of the night.
b) Daisies were swaying in the breeze.
c) No one's fault.
d) By remaining silent.

Select the run-on sentence from below.
a) Give me the keys, and I'll start the car.
b) If I remove the wall, can you clean up the mess?
c) William flew the kite well the wind was calm.
d) After the dishes are done, we will watch the movie.

Select the fragment from below.
a) With her hands on her hips.
b) I dropped the quarter into the machine.
c) Jake ran to the fire station and begged for their assistance.
d) Many people were concerned about the food shortage in their area.

Select the complete sentence from below.
a) Racing past each other.
b) The competition was fierce.
c) By passing the other road.
d) With the transmission in second gear.

Select the run-on from below.
a) Before I dressed for work, I called my best friends.
b) Both Dan and Don attend Boy Scout meetings.
c) For her part in the play, she received an award for best leading actress.
d) Terry flew to San Francisco, his camera was still in Mexico City.

Select the run-on from below.
a) The night was full of stars; it was very romantic.
b) Josh went to the mall, he bought a new tie.
c) It was snowing outside, so we decided to play Nintendo.
d) After the play, we went out for coffee.

Select the complete sentence from below.
a) Although the lights went out.
b) Just in time to see the wedding take place.
c) With no time to spare.
d) The rain made traveling difficult.

Select the fragment from below.
a) Light was shining through the stained glass window.
b) Before I could pull the lever, the door closed.
c) As soon as we had the chance to leave the funeral.
d) Others left when the magic show was over.

Select the run-on from below.
a) After the circus performance, we took the kids out for ice cream.
b) My mother took the prescription drug the headache left her immediately.
c) The dance floor was packed with people, so we decided to go outside.
d) The thief took the jewelry, but he left his fingerprints on the jewelry case.

Select the fragment from below.
a) We took turns dancing the Irish jig.
b) Many people decided.
c) Staring into the dirty window.
d) The singing got better and better.

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