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What event in 1939 started World War II?
a) Germany’s invasion of Poland
b) Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor
c) Hitler’s killing of Jewish people
d) The sinking of American ships by German submarines

Which wartime leader is INCORRECTLY matched with his country?
a) Tojo - Japan
b) Mussolini - Italy
c) Hitler – Soviet Union
d) Churchill – Great Britain

Which event in 1941 caused the United States to enter World War II?
a) Hitler’s killing of Jewish people
b) Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor
c) Germany’s invasion of Poland
d) The sinking of American ships by German submarines

After the United States joined the war, how did the government supply Allied forces with food and weapons?
a) It took control of many businesses and stopped the production of certain consumer goods
b) It opened the country to millions of immigrants in order to meet the demand for workers.
c) It increased trading with Latin American countries.
d) Powers like Japan to maintain its supply of rubber.

In 1942 the United States government called for rationing. This meant that Americans had to -
a) recycle materials such as scrap iron
b) limit their purchases of certain goods, such as gasoline.
c) share their goods and resources with others in their communities.
d) volunteer to join various homeland defense organizations.

Which of the following events of World War II happened FIRST?
a) Hitler committed suicide
b) The United States dropped two atomic bombs
c) The Battle of Normandy
d) Japan surrendered

In which battle did the German defeat in the east mark a major turning point in the war?
a) Battle of the Bulge
b) Battle of Midway
c) Battle of Gallipoli
d) Battle of Stalingrad

Which of the following was part of the United States strategy to defeat Japan?
a) Convoy supply lines in southwest Asia
b) Tank attacks in north Africa
c) Kamikaze attacks
d) Island hopping

Which statement of opinion BEST describes fascism?
a) A strong dictatorship is the best form of government
b) Germans are the master race
c) Government should own all farms and factories
d) The purpose of government is to protect people’s rights

By the end of 1940 in an attempt to help Britain, the United States began sending it supplies through the
a) Good Neighbor Policy
b) Berlin Airlift
c) Lend-Lease Program
d) New Deal

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