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This country closed the port of New Orleans to Americans
a) France
b) England
c) Mexico
d) Spain

Who was the leader of France during the purchase of the Louisiana Territory?
a) Toussaint Louverture
b) Napoleon Bonaparte
c) King Henry
d) Queen Victoria

Which one of the following was new policy for the federal government?
a) Shinking the military.
b) Easing party disputes
c) Paying off more state debts using federal money
d) Allowing many federalists to keep their government jobs

During the French Revolution, the French were driven out of what colony?
a) France
b) England
c) Florida
d) Haiti

Judicial review was established during which case?
a) Brown vs. Board
b) Marbury vs. Madison
c) Jefferson vs. Adams
d) Marshall vs. Marbury

Who was the first president inaugurated in Washington D.C.?
a) Thomas Jefferson
b) George Washington
c) John Adams
d) James Madison

The Mississippi River and New Orleans port were very important to settlers of the west because...
a) they needed it to go fishing.
b) they needed it for washing their clothes.
c) they needed it to feed their animals.
d) they needed it to ship their goods.

The French sold the Louisiana Territory to the United States for...
a) $10 Million
b) $12.5 Million
c) $15 Million
d) $25 Million

What does Lassaiz Faire mean?
a) Hands-off
b) Strong Center
c) Hands-on
d) Really involved

Who was the judge that ruled the Judiciary Act unconstitutional?
a) William Marbury
b) Aaron Burr
c) James Madison
d) John Marshall

Who was Thomas Jefferson's running mate in the election of 1800?
a) Thomas Pinckney
b) Aaron Burr
c) John Adams
d) James Madison

Who did the US send to find out if it was possible for ships to sail the Arkansas River?
a) Zebulon Pike
b) Meriwether Lewis
c) Aaron Burr
d) William Clark

A revenue is...
a) to strengthen with additional troops
b) a government order that forbids foreign trade
c) money paid by one country to another in return for protection
d) the income from taxes, licenses, etc.

Thomas Jefferson sent these men to find a route to the Pacific Ocean.
a) Alexander Hamilton and John Adams
b) James Madison and Aaron Burr
c) James Monroe and Robert Livingston
d) Meriwether Lewis and William Clark

When Napolean Bonaparte was thought to be conquering Europe, Jefferson was worried he would become a _____________ power in the United States.
a) Aristocratic
b) Dominant
c) Tribute
d) Embargo

What amendment was created that changed the way a president was elected to be president?
a) 12th Amendment
b) 14th Amendment
c) 10th Amendment
d) 11th Amendment

What did Jefferson do with the Sedition Act?
a) He improved it.
b) He changed it.
c) He got rid of it and mending the things it affected
d) He got rid of it but left everyone in jail.

How did Jefferson NOT show Americans that he wanted people to be treated equally?
a) He fired John Marshall.
b) He shook hands with people at his inauguration.
c) He walked to the ceremony.
d) He spoke about it in his speech.

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