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A species of plant has a dominant gene for a tall stem and a recessive gene for dwarf stem. How do the plant's genes and its environment influence its height?
a) Genes and environment are both major influences.
b) Genes and environment are both minor influences.
c) Environment influences the height, but genes do not.
d) Genes influence the height, but environment does not.

Ryan notices that all of his friend's brothers and sisters are tall. What is the most likely explanation for this characteric?
a) The have tall parents.
b) The have identical genes.
c) They eat only healthy foods.
d) They live in the same environment.

A scientist crosses a rabbit with short fur and a rabbit with long fur. Which of these outcomes would show that the trait for fur length is an example of incomplete dominance?
a) All the offspring have no fur.
b) All the offspring have long fur.
c) All the offspring have short fur.
d) All the offspring have medium length fur.

Which of these choices is the definition of allele?
a) the form of a gene that is expressed
b) one of the alternative forms of a gene
c) the combination of genes for a specific trait
d) a complete genetic makeup of a living thing

A snapdragon plant with red flowers is crossed with a snapdragon plant with white flowers. The offspring produced have pink flowers. Which of these conditions does this illustrate?
a) Co-dominance
b) non-dominance
c) complete dominance
d) incomplete dominance

Which of these choices describes a segment of DNA that determines a specific trait in a person, such as attached earlobes?
a) a gene
b) a phenotype
c) a chromosomes
d) a characteristic

Gregor Mendel observed that two plants with purple flowers could produce some offspring with white flowers and some offspring with purple flowers. Which of the following did Mendel use to explain this result?
a) genetic mutations
b) environmental conditions
c) inherited and acquired traits
d) dominant and recessive traits

A mouse breeder mates a black-furred mouse with a white-furred mouse. All the offspring have gray fur. How is the trait of fur color inherited in mice?
a) sex-linked inheritance
b) co-dominance inheritance
c) complete dominance inheritance
d) incomplete dominance inheritance

Which of the following is directly responsible for an acquired trait?
a) genotype
b) phenotype
c) environment
d) chromosomes

Which of the following is an acquired trait in humans?
a) eye color
b) hair color
c) blood type
d) tabler manners

Each pea plant has a gene that determines seed color. One version of the gene is for green color, and the other version of the gene is for yellow seed color. Which of these choices is another word for the two versions of the gene for seed color?
a) trait
b) allele
c) genotype
d) phenotype

A scientist is studying the flowers of a plant. In one experiment, she crosses a plant that has blue flowers with a plant that has white flowers. The resulting offspring have only blue flowers. This outcome is an example of which of the following?
a) co-dominance
b) asexual reproduction
c) complete dominance
d) incomplete dominance

Human blood types A and B show co-dominance. the alleles determine what kind of antigens are produced on the red blood cells. What type of blood cells are produced by a person that has inherited an A allele and a B allele blood?
a) type A
b) type B
c) Both type A and type B
d) neither type A nor type B

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