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The dog chased the car.
a) Dog
b) Chased
c) Car
d) The

Our family laughed at the joke.
a) Laughed
b) Family
c) Our
d) Joke

Sue baked cookies for her mom.
a) Sue
b) Cookies
c) Baked
d) Mom

The bird sang a song to us.
a) Us
b) Bird
c) Song
d) Sang

My pencil broke this morning.
a) Pencil
b) Morning
c) My
d) Broke

Dad drove us to the school.
a) Dad
b) Us
c) School
d) Drove

Students listen to the teacher in class.
a) Students
b) Listen
c) Class
d) Teacher

The truck driver honked the horn.
a) Truck
b) Driver
c) Horn
d) Honked

A red balloon popped in her hand.
a) Balloon
b) Red
c) Popped
d) Hand

They hear the music on the radio.
a) Hear
b) Music
c) Radio
d) They

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