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When the energy is released from the star, what two things is it released as?
a) Light and heat
b) Radiation and light
c) Radiation and heat
d) Heat and energy

How fast is radiation and light released from the sun?
a) 1 light year
b) Speed of sound
c) Speed of light
d) Speed of radiation

How fast is the speed of light?
a) 9.8x10^15 m
b) 3.8x10^8 m/s
c) 4.8x10^11 m
d) 7.6x10^9 s

What is the brightest star in our night sky?
a) Sirius
b) Copernicus
c) Delta
d) Orion

What type of light does an optical telescope observe?
a) Radio waves
b) Microwaves
c) Macrowaves
d) Visible light

What type of signal does a radio telescope receive?
a) Radio waves
b) Microwaves
c) Macrowaves
d) Visible light

Which is hotter?
a) Red star
b) Blue star
c) Yellow star
d) Orange star

What are the two forces on stars?
a) no forces
b) Inward from gravity, outward from nuclear fusion
c) Inward from nuclear fusion, outward from gravity
d) Forces are not balanced

What will cuase our sun to start to die?
a) Iron in the core
b) Nuclear fusion will speed up because hydrogen will run out
c) Nuclear fusion will slow down because hydrogen will run out
d) Nuclear fusion will not change

What does supergiant stars form when they die?
a) Moles
b) Supernovae
c) Red giants
d) White dwards

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