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Which of the following countries was not part of the Axis powers?
a) Germany
b) Italy
c) Russia
d) Japan

Which of the following leaders was NOT considered a dictator?
a) Benito Mussolini
b) Winston Churchill
c) Adolf Hitler
d) Hirohito

Who was considered the 'Father of Two Navies' ?
a) Carl Vinson
b) Douglas MacArthur
c) Franklin D. Roosevelt
d) Eugene Talmadge

Which event was the catalyst for the US entering WWII?
a) The invasion of Poland
b) The Normandy invasion
c) The bombing of Pearl Harbor
d) The bombing of London

On what day was Pearl Harbor attacked, and by which country?
a) November 11, 1954, Germany
b) December 7, 1941, Japan
c) January 1, 1942, Germany
d) September 17, 1939, Japan

What act provided weapons and materials for Allied forces without the actual involvement of the US in WWII?
a) The Social Security Act
b) The Convict Lease System
c) The Intolerable Acts
d) The Lend-Lease Act

What was the term given regarding the mass genocide of the Jews by the Germans in WWII?
a) The Holocaust
b) The Extermination
c) The Diaspora
d) The Exodus

The Bell Aircraft plant in Marietta, GA built what type of aircraft?
a) F-16 fighter jet
b) Stealth bomber
c) B-29 bomber
d) Tomcat 180

What event began WWII?
a) Germany invaded Russia
b) Japan attacked the United States
c) Germany invaded Poland
d) Italy and Germany bombed Great Britain

America's decision to remain out of the WWII was known as what?
a) isolationism
b) nationalism
c) militarism
d) domino theory

The bombing of what city virtually ended WWII for Japan?
a) Pearl Harbor
b) Hiroshima
c) Tokyo
d) Okinawa

Which US President was responsible for dropping the atomic bomb in Japan?
a) Franklin Roosevelt
b) Dwight Eisenhower
c) Harry Truman
d) Richard Nixon

Who was the US President during most of WWII?
a) Harry Truman
b) Franklin Roosevelt
c) Dwight Eisenhower
d) Theodore Roosevelt

Where did FDR die?
a) Warm Springs, GA
b) Washington, D.C.
c) Philadelphia, PA
d) New York City, NY

Which naval battle turned the tide for the US during WWII?
a) The Battle of the Bulge
b) The Battle of Kettle Creek
c) The Battle of Tokyo
d) The Battle of Midway

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