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What is a star?
a) Large shiny thing
b) Huge mass of dust and gas undergoing nuclear fusion
c) Celestial object
d) Black hole

How are constellations used?
a) To determine shapes in the sky
b) For entertainment purposes
c) To group stars together
d) To group planets together

What is the definition of a light year?
a) A character off of Toy Story
b) The distance it takes for light to travel in one year
c) The distance it takes for light to travel to Earth
d) Unit to describe how far away a star is from Earth

How far is a light year?
a) 8.8x10^4 m
b) 7.6x10^12 m
c) 9.5x10^15 m
d) 1.4x10^18 m

What are stars held together by?
a) Gravity
b) Planetesimal influences
c) Solar flares
d) Newton's 1st Law

What is nuclear fusion
a) Helium is converted into hydrogen releasing energy
b) Helium is converted into iron releasing energy
c) Hydrogen is converted into helium releasing energy
d) Hydrogen is converted into iron releasing energy

By what two methods does energy move through the layers of a star?
a) Conduction and convection
b) Conduction and radiation
c) Radiation and conduction
d) Convection and radiation

What is convection?
a) Rising hot gas moves upward and cooler denser gas sinks to the center
b) Cooler denser gas moves upward and rising hot gas sinks to the center

Describe radiation
a) Energy is transferred to individual atoms
b) Energy is contained in one atom
c) Energy is used
d) Energy is neither created nor destroyed

How long does it take energy to move through the layers of stars?
a) 1 year
b) 10 years
c) Millions of years
d) Billions of years

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