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If a work is in the Public Domain, it means:
a) The term of copyright in the work has run out.
b) You can copy it without getting permission from anyone.
c) You can find it at a public library.
d) You can get it for free online.

Each state has its own copyright laws.
a) True
b) False

Which of the following is a defense to copyright infringement?
a) I didn't know the work was copyrighted.
b) I'm giving the copyright owner free publicity.
c) The author of the work will never know.
d) Fair Use

For a work to be protected under copyright, it must:
a) Include a copyright notice
b) Be fixed in a tangible form of expression
c) Be original
d) Be of professional quality

The term of copyright for a work posted on a web site:
a) Is the same as the term would be if the work was originally published in print or any other medium
b) Depends upon whether a copyright notice is included on the web page
c) Lasts for the life of the author plus 70 years
d) Does not exist because the Internet is part of the Public Domain, so it is not protected by copyright.

If a Copyright Owner knows that someone is Infringing his copyright, he must take legal action against the infringer or risk losing his copyright.
a) True
b) False

Which of the following items can be copyrighted?
a) Computer software
b) The title of a song
c) Postings in a chatroom
d) An original poem posted on an online message board

Commonly known facts, like 2+2=4, can't be copyrighted.
a) True
b) False

Rights of copyright include:
a) The right to reproduce one's work
b) The right to stop Fair Uses of one's work
c) The right to stop people from reselling copyrighted works after they bought them
d) The right to resell someone else's work

Which of the following factors does a court look at to determine whether there's been Infringement?
a) Whether the copy is identical to the original work
b) Whether there is evidence that the alleged copier actually did copy the work
c) Whether the person accused of infringing made any money from the copy made of the work
d) Whether the copy is substantially similar to the original work

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