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During the main sequence stage, how is energy generated in the star's core?
a) Hydrogen fuses into helium
b) Carbon fuses into hydrogen
c) Carbon fuses into iron
d) Carbon fuses into oxygen

Strong magnetic fields on regions of the sun lead to sunspots because
a) convection slows and energy decreases
b) convection increases and energy increases
c) the Sun's surface temperature vary wildly
d) more energy is being transferred to the region

The main factor that shapes the life and eventual death of a star is its
a) mass
b) color
c) temperature
d) diameter

How are auroras caused?
a) caused by the interaction of solar winds and Earth's magnetosphere
b) caused by the interaction of solar wind and Earth's atmosphere
c) the solar wind bends around Earth
d) the solar wind changes as it gets farther from the sun

What elements make up most of the sun's mass?
a) Carbon and Oxygen
b) Carbon and Hydrogen
c) Helium and Nitrogen
d) Hydrogen and Helium

How long is the average sunspot cycle?
a) 100,000 years
b) 1,100 years
c) 110 years
d) 11 years

Auroras are frequently seen
a) near the equator
b) after solar flares
c) before a sunspots cycle
d) every 11 years

The sun converts matter into energy in the
a) corona
b) convective zone
c) radioactive zone
d) core

Most of the sun's energy is a result of
a) nuclear fusion
b) nuclear division
c) nuclear fission
d) nuclear fissure

How long would a star such as the sun's mass stay on the main sequence?
a) a million years
b) a thousand years
c) 10 trillion years
d) 10 billion years

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