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Which best describes a row of elements in the periodic table?
a) column
b) family
c) group
d) period

Which best describes the purpose for the bold staircase line on the right side of the periodic table?
a) to separate gases from liquids
b) to separate metals from nonmetals
c) to separate lanthanides from actinides
d) to separate transition metals from alkaline earth metals

Which element has similar characteristics to lithium (Li) and potassium (K)?
a) helium (He)
b) sodium (Na)
c) beryllium (Be)
d) magnesium (Mg)

Which best describes elements that are shiny, malleable, ductile, and good conductors of heat and electricity?
a) halogens
b) metals
c) metalloids
d) nonmetals

Which element is in the same family as chlorine (Cl) and fluorine (F)?
a) hydrogen (H)
b) lithium (Li)
c) oxygen (O)
d) bromine (Br)

Which element in Period 3 is known to be a highly reactive metal?
a) sulfur (S)
b) argon (Ar)
c) sodium (Na)
d) scandium (Sc)

Which property would be most useful in placing a newly discovered element in Group 18 (VIIIA) on the periodic table?
a) reactivity
b) malleability
c) conductivity
d) nonreactivity

Which is a property of metalloids?
a) the ability to be pulled into long wires
b) the ability to be hammered into sheets
c) the ability to be a liquid at room temperature
d) the ability to conduct electricity under certain conditions

Which best describes the reactivity of metals when moving from left to right on the periodic table?
a) They become less reactive.
b) They become more reactive.
c) The reactivity remains the same.
d) The reactivity decreases, then increases.

Where on the periodic table is a metal element most likely found?
a) middle
b) bottom
c) left side
d) right side

A student finds that an unknown element readily reacts with alkali metals. Which is the best conclusion about the unknown element?
a) It is a noble gas.
b) It is in Group 16 (VIA).
c) It is in Group 17 (VIIA).
d) It is an alkaline earth metal.

Which of the following elements is the most reactive?
a) calcium (Ca)
b) strontium (Sr)
c) beryllium (Be)
d) magnesium (Mg)

Which element would best be described as a brittle, nonconductive solid?
a) calcium (Ca)
b) sodium (Na)
c) sulfur (S)
d) thorium (Th)

Sodium (Na) reacts with sulfur (S) to form a compound in the ratio of two sodium atoms to one sulfur atom. Element X also reacts with sodium in the ratio of two sodium atoms to one element X atom. Which is most likely the identity of element X?
a) argon (Ar)
b) chlorine (Cl)
c) oxygen (O)
d) phosphorus (P)

Which of these elements is most reactive?
a) neon (Ne)
b) carbon (C)
c) sodium (Na)
d) magnesium (Mg)

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