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An Earthquake is the shaking of the Earth\'s surface.
a) True
b) False

a) happen very frequently but are not always detected.
b) can cause a lot of damage.
c) are caused by shifting of tectonic plates.
d) all of the above.

All volcanos are the same.
a) True
b) False

Dormant volcanos are...
a) active
b) inactive

Volcanos are types of mountains.
a) True
b) False

Floods occur when...
a) there is a lot of rain.
b) there is not enough rain.

a) destroy buildings and wash away bridges, roads, and crops.
b) carry soil.
c) make the soil more fertile (once the floodwaters have gone down).
d) all of the above

One reason people DON'T want the dam built on the Yangtze River is...
a) It will stop deaths from flooding.
b) It will be expensive.
c) It may cause harm to the environment by holding in pollution.

Earthquakes are measured by...
a) Volcanists
b) the amount of lava that comes out
c) how high the water comes up
d) Seismographs

A volcanist...
a) studies earthquakes
b) studies volcanos
c) studies floods
d) studies landforms

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