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_____________ is the introduction of harmful materials into the environment.
a) Pollution
b) Agriculture
c) Conservation
d) Landfill

A resource that can be renewed easily if used wisely.
a) Renewable Resource
b) Nonrenewable Resource
c) Practical Resource
d) Recyclable

A resource that is limited in supply and cannot be replaced easily once it has been used.
a) Renewable Resource
b) Nonrenewable Resource
c) Practical Resource
d) Green Resource

A dangerous pesticide no loger used in the USA.
a) EPA
b) NBA
c) DDT
d) ACC

A specific area where living and nonliving things interact.
a) Ecosystem
b) Agriculture
c) Pesticide
d) Habitat

The act of using a resource wisely.
a) Pollution
b) Agriculture
c) Habitat
d) Conservation

Animals with very small numbers that are in danger of becoming extinct.
a) Endangered Animals
b) Habitat
c) Ecosystem
d) Fossil Fuel

A nonrenewable resource formed by the remains of organisms that lived long ago.
a) endangered animals
b) fossil fuel
c) conservation
d) habitat

The place where an animal lives.
a) ecosystem
b) habitat
c) landfill
d) conservation

The government agency that enforces laws to help protect the environment.
a) EPA
b) DDT
c) NBA
d) ACC

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