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Why didn’t Marshall attend the law school he wanted to go to?
a) He changed his mind.
b) He didn't get in
c) They refused to admit him because he was African American
d) He decided to become a doctor instead.

Who was born in Stonewall, Texas?
a) Lyndon B. Johnson
b) Thurgood Marshall
c) Paul Revere
d) Susan B. Anthony

Poverty means:
a) separating people based on race
b) being wealthy
c) having a severe illness
d) extreme lack of money

Justice means:
a) working hard and never giving up
b) freedom of expression
c) fair and equal treatment under the law
d) having the authority to lead

This document was signed by President Johnson to protect the rights of African Americans
a) The Great Society
b) Constitution
c) Voting Rights Act of 1965
d) The New Deal

Thurgood Marshall was the 1st African American _________
a) US Supreme Court Justice
b) Lawyer
c) To attend law school
d) To win a court case

The Great Society was _______
a) A plan to stop the war
b) A place where people lived who supported Lyndon B. Johnson
c) The radio talks that Lyndon B. Johnson gave during his presidency.
d) the name of Lyndon B. Johnson's campaign promise when he was running for president

Who was born in Baltimore, Maryland
a) Paul Revere
b) Susan B. Anthony
c) Thurgood Marshall
d) Lyndon B. Johnson

The main goal of Johnson's Great Society plan was ___________
a) to end segregation
b) to end poverty and protect the rights of everyone
c) to improve the environment
d) to end the war

Brown vs Board of Education decided that __________
a) segregated schools were ILLEGAL
b) segregated schools was LEGAL
c) African Americans have the right to vote
d) slavery was illegal

Segregation is ______________
a) keeping people of different races together
b) the freedom to express thoughts and opinions
c) respecting the beliefs and opinions of others
d) keeping people of different races apart

Authority is ___________
a) the right and power to lead
b) respecting the beliefs and opinions of others
c) keeping people of different races apart
d) the freedome to express thoughts and opinions

Why do you think Lyndon B. Johnson fought so hard to end poverty?
a) He wanted to be known for ending poverty
b) His friend John F. Kennedy lived in poverty
c) When he was a child his family lived in poverty when his father lost his farm.
d) His wife lived in poverty

In what court did Thurgood Marshall win Brown vs. Board of Education?
a) US Supreme Court
b) Kansas Supreme Court
c) Topeka Court
d) The Senate Court

Civil rights means_________________
a) justice
b) the right to fight in a war
c) basic freedoms that all citizens deserve
d) the right to lead others

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