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European rule resulted in the establishment of ______ industries.
a) few
b) many

_________ countries carved the region into colonies, ripping apart once-unified regions.
a) American
b) Asian
c) European
d) Australian

Who were the people who migrated from Nigeria around 3000 BC?
a) Kush
b) Bantu
c) Kilwas

A blend of Arab and African ways in the East African region led to the rise of what culture?
a) Swahili
b) Axum
c) Americam

The early trading empire of Ghana controlled trade between the Sahara and ______ Africa's rain forests.
a) north
b) south
c) east
d) west

Europeans _______ introduce the slave trade to the African continent.
a) did
b) did not

When did many African colonies become independent?
a) late 1700's
b) late 1800's
c) late 1900's

Who led one of the first nationalist movements?
a) Joseph Stalin
b) Kwame Nkrumah
c) Myanmar Rangoon

Many African countries have suffered from civil wars due to ethnic and _______ conflicts.
a) political
b) cultural
c) religious

_________ was carried out through laws limited the rights of black South Africans.
a) apartheid
b) nationalism
c) plantation
d) griot

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