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Landforms And How They Can Be Changed. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

Which of the following is NOT an example of a landform?
a) Moutain
b) Valley
c) Ocean
d) Plateau

Which of the following is NOT a layer of the Earth?
a) Core
b) Land
c) Crust
d) Mantle

How are the coastal plains and the Great Plains alike?
a) They are both sandy.
b) They are both grassy.
c) They are both good places for growing crops.
d) They are both flat.

Which of the following is true about mountains?
a) They are usually in ranges.
b) They are all on land.
c) They always have snow on the top of them.
d) They are pointed on the top.

What is a plateau?
a) A special kind of plate.
b) A flat area higher than the land around it.
c) A table made out of rock
d) An area lower than the land around it

Which of the following statements about Valleys is false?
a) There are two different shapes of valleys- V and W.
b) A low area between higher landforms such as mountains
c) A canyon is a type of valley.
d) Only formed by water cutting through rock or land

The way rocks are broken down into smaller pieces is called...
a) Weathering
b) Erosion
c) Melting
d) Cracking

Which is NOT a part of the process of ice cracking rock?
a) Water goes into a crack.
b) The water freezes and becomes ice.
c) Ice takes up more space so it makes the crack bigger.
d) The ice turns to snow.

Erosion is...
a) The way rock is broken down into smaller pieces
b) The movement of weathered rock
c) Excessive rain
d) The formation of mud

Which of the following is true about Erosion?
a) It is a sudden change.
b) Wind and moving water cause erosion.
c) It makes rock split.
d) There is nothing we can do to help stop of it.

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