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Chase made 4 batches of chili and divides each batch into fourths. How many ¼ batches of chili does he have?
a) 4 batches
b) 1/16 of a batch
c) 8 batches
d) 16 batches

A painter has 5 gallons of paint. He uses ¼ gallon of paint on each wall. How many walls can be he paint?
a) 10 walls
b) 4 walls
c) 20 walls
d) 40 walls

Grace baked 4 apple pies. She cuts the pies into halves and will give them to her neighbors. How many neighbors will get ½ of an apple pie.
a) 8 neighbors
b) 4 neighbors
c) 2 neighbors
d) Just Grace

Kayla made 2 pepperoni pizza and cut them into eighths. How many 1/8 size slices does she have?
a) 16 slices
b) 1/16 of the pizza
c) 14 slices
d) 4 slices

In 1 second, sound travels 1/5 of a mile. How many seconds will it take to travel 4 miles?
a) 20 seconds
b) 3 seconds
c) 1/20 of a second
d) 8 seconds

Felix has $20 to spend on holiday gifts and he plans on spending 1/5 of his money on each person he is buying for. How many people will he be buying for?
a) 8 people
b) 20 people
c) 16 people
d) 4 people

One-half of a pan of brownies will be shared equally by 4 people. What fraction of the pan will each person receive?
a) 1/16
b) 1/8
c) 8 brownies
d) 16.5 brownies

2 divided by 1/8
a) 16
b) 1/16
c) 4
d) 1/4

¼ divided by 3
a) 12
b) 4
c) 1/12
d) 1/14

If your equation starts with a fraction, your quotient will be a…
a) Whole number
b) Unit fraction
c) Mixed Number
d) Improper Fraction

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