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____________ will never lose value and they are backed by the US government..
a) Bonds
b) Bills
c) Stock
d) Money Market accounts

You can use _____________ to have money automatically sent to your savings account.
a) Direct deposit
b) IRA
c) Direct credit
d) Debit card

What is the first step of making a budget?
a) Keep track of what you are spending.
b) Spend all of your entertainment money first.
c) Hide some money in your house.
d) Buy all sales items.

The largest asset of most middle-income families is their ____________.
a) home equity
b) car
c) home furnishings
d) baseball card collection

An example of a work-related retirement program is ________________.
a) 502 (G) plan
b) 401(k) plan
c) 1 (k) plan
d) 1000 (k) plan

The best investment most borrowers can make is to pay off consumer debt with _________interest rates.
a) compound
b) triple digit
c) single digit
d) double digit

_______ of Americans live paycheck to paycheck.
a) 50%
b) 40%
c) 60%
d) 30%

To save for emergencies. It is recommend to save __________ to allow for unexpected emergencies.
a) $500 - $1,000
b) $200 - $300
c) $700 - $1,200
d) $1,000 - $2,000

_____ of Americans say they live beyond their means.
a) 50%
b) 40%
c) 60%
d) 30%

What is the theme for America Saves?
a) Set a Goal.
b) Make a Plan.
c) Save Automatically.
d) All of the answers.

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