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What two territories were won from Mexico as a result of war?
a) Louisiana Territory and Texas
b) Florida and Oregon Country
c) Texas and Mexican Cession Territory
d) Oregon Country and Gadsen Purchase

The Gadsen Purchase of 1853 was made mainly to
a) provide a good railroad route to California.
b) greatly enlarge the territory of Arizona.
c) stop illegal immigration from Mexico to the U.S.
d) settle a long border dispute with Mexico.

In the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo that ended the Mexican War,
a) the U.S. agreed that its invasion of Mexico was unjust.
b) Mexico agreed to pay the U.S. $15 million in war damages.
c) the U.S. promised to honor Mexico's claim to California.
d) Mexico ceded about half of its territory to the U.S.

The war with Mexico began with
a) California's Bear Flag Rebellion.
b) a border dispute in Texas.
c) the Battle of Buena Vista.
d) a U.S. invasion of New Mexico.

The annexation of Texas was opposed by many Americans because
a) Texas allowed slavery.
b) Spain still claimed Texas.
c) the purchase price was too high.
d) Texas was too large to be a state.

How did President James Polk deal with the dispute between the U.S. and Great Britain over Oregon Country?
a) He agreed to continue joint occupancy of Oregon.
b) He stood up to Britain by seizing all of Oregon by force.
c) He gave in to Britain by ceding most of Oregon.
d) He compromised with Britain by accepting half of Oregon.

Florida was acquired by Secretary of State John Quincy Adams through
a) trickery.
b) warfare.
c) diplomacy.
d) purchase.

President Thomas Jefferson's purchase of Louisiana
a) was a costly mistake.
b) doubled the size of the US.
c) was opposed by western farmers.
d) led to war with Great Britain.

The belief that the United States had the right and duty to expand across the North American continent came to be known as
a) the Monroe Doctrine.
b) the Great Experiment.
c) Oregon Fever.
d) Manifest Destiny.

Which territory was purchased from Mexico in 1853?
a) Louisiana Territory
b) Gadsen Purchase
c) Florida
d) Mexican Cession

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