Southern Europe #2 Question Preview (ID: 1788)

Gr 7 Ch 12 Sec 5. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

The country having cork as a major export is _____.
a) Spain
b) Italy
c) Portugal
d) Greece

Greece's key industries are tourism and ___________.
a) shipping
b) agriculture
c) banking
d) commerce

The majority of Greek people practice which religion?
a) Roman Catholicism
b) Greek Orthodoxy
c) Lutheran
d) Calvinism

Spain and France are separated by which mountains?
a) the Alps
b) the Balkans
c) the Appenines
d) the Pyrenees

What tiny country lies between Spain and France and is governed by Spain and Portugal?
a) Andorra
b) Balkan
c) Greece
d) Switzerland

This country's capital is Rome.
a) Italy
b) Spain
c) Portugal
d) Greece

This island nation is independent and lies east of Greece.
a) Sicily
b) Crete
c) Cyprus
d) Sardinia

This tiny country lies within the country of Italy.
a) San Marino
b) Andorra
c) Liechtenstein
d) Crete

What body of water lies south of Spain, Italy, and Greece?
a) the Atlantic Ocean
b) the Mediterranean Sea
c) the Balkan Sea
d) the Black Sea

Portugal's capital is _______.
a) Andorra
b) Madrid
c) Athens
d) Lisbon

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