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14. What is the standard molar volume of a gas at STP?
a) 62.1
b) 88.5
c) 11.5
d) 22.4

15. A container holds 500 mL of CO2 at 20 degrees Celsius and 742 torr. What will be the volume of CO2 if the pressure is increased to 795 torr?
a) 466.66
b) 588.88
c) 846.18
d) 854.11

16. A gas tank holds 2785 L of propane at 830 mm Hg. What is the volume of propane at STP?
a) 8497.2
b) 4684.6
c) 3041.5
d) 6548.2

17. A container holds 50 mL of nitrogen at 25 degrees Celsius and a pressure of 736 mm Hg. What will be its volume if the temperature increases by 35 degrees Celsius?
a) 62.81
b) 42.97
c) 51.68
d) 87.87

18. A sample of oxygen occupies a volume of 160 L at 91 degrees Celsius. What will be the volume of oxygen when the temperature drops to 0 degrees Celsius?
a) 420
b) 120
c) 560
d) 240

19. A mylar balloon is filled with helium gas to a pressure of 107 kPa when the temperature is 22 degrees Celsius. If the temperature changes to 45 degrees Celsius, what will be the pressure of the helium in the balloon?
a) 225.64
b) 587.12
c) 115.34
d) 284.64

20. A cylinder of compressed gas has a pressure of 4.882 atm on one day. The next day the same cylinder has a pressure of 4.690 atm, and it’s temperature is 8 degrees Celsius. What was the temperature on the previous day in degrees Celsius?
a) 815.3
b) 946.7
c) 648.2
d) 292.5

21. A gas take up a volume of 17 liters, has a pressure of 2.3 atm, and a temperature of 299 K. If I raise the temperature to 350 K and lower the pressure to 1.5 atm, what is the new volume of the gas?
a) 30.5
b) 21.2
c) 37.8
d) 41.5

22. A gas has a volume of 28 liters, a temperature of 45 degrees Celsius, and an unknown pressure has its volume increased to 34 liters and its temperature decreased to 35 degrees Celsius. If I measure the pressure after the change to be 2.0 atm, wha
a) 7.2
b) 2.5
c) 3.6
d) 5.1

23. Three flasks are connected to one another. The first flask contains helium at a pressure of 1.54 atm, the second flask contains nitrogen at .74 atm, and the third flask contains oxygen at 1.06 atm. What is the total pressure of this system?
a) 9.65
b) 1.65
c) 2.23
d) 3.34

24. If I added hydrogen to the system above and the total pressure increased to 4 atm, what was the partial pressure of hydrogen?
a) 0.66
b) 0.49
c) 1.47
d) 1.11

25. How many moles of gas does it take to occupy 120 liters at a pressure of 2.3 atm and a temperature of 340 K?
a) 14.89
b) 20.15
c) 36.22
d) 10.15

26. If I have a 50 liter container that holds 45 moles of gas at a temperature of 200 degrees Celsius, what is the pressure inside the container?
a) 30.7
b) 34.1
c) 43.9
d) 40.1

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