Science Unit 3 Question Preview (ID: 17864)


What does a bee do for a flower/
a) pollinate it
b) eat its fruit
c) germinate it
d) scatter its seeds

After taking a walk through the woods, Jan picked burs off her clothes and dropped them. What did she do?
a) scattered the plant's seeds
b) pollinated the plant
c) did nothing important
d) left food for animals that may come to live in that field

How can you classify a rosebush?
a) a plant with a pricky stem
b) a plant with spores
c) a plant that has needles
d) a plant that makes cones

How do leaves help plants?
a) they make food through photosynthesis
b) they hold up the plant
c) they make seeds
d) they take water from the soil

What structures help keep a cactus from losing water?
a) thick, waxy stems
b) deep tap roots
c) seeds made in cones
d) leaves with stinging hairs

Where in a plant can you find tubes that move nutrients from the roots to the leaves?
a) stem
b) bark
c) leaf
d) flower

What is a young plant called?
a) seedling
b) fruit
c) pollen
d) conifer

How are flowering and coniferous plants alike/
a) they begin life with a seed that germinates
b) they have roots that grow up and stems that grow down
c) they grow flowers
d) they end the life cycle when seeds fall from cones

How do you classify a pine tree?
a) non flowering plants
b) spore
c) flowering plant
d) fern

Leaves turn carbon dioxide and water into what two things?
a) sugar and oxygen
b) seedling and sugar
c) oxygen and stems
d) nutrients and sugar

What part of a seed protects the new plant?
a) seed coat
b) stored food
c) scales
d) seedling

Cones are found on trees called
a) conifers
b) shrubs
c) vines
d) stamens

The woody part of a cone is called
a) scales
b) stamens
c) seeds
d) cones

What does a cone do for a conifer's seeds?
a) all of them
b) nourish them
c) protect them
d) scatter them

What part of a flowering plant attracts insects?
a) petals
b) cone
c) pistil
d) stamen

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