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What is water vapor?
a) Liquid water
b) Solid water
c) Gaseous water
d) Icy water

Which of the following refers to climate?
a) It is cold and rainy outside
b) The storm brought astrong
c) It is warm and rainy year round
d) It is raining but it might snow later

A storm forms over the central part of the United States. What direction will the storm move?
a) Towards the north
b) Towards the south
c) Towards the west
d) Towards the east

What are the highest clouds in the sky?
a) Stratus
b) Cirrus
c) Nimbus
d) Cumulonimbus

What cloud is known as the puffy white cloud, this is always found in fair weather?
a) Cumulus
b) Cumulonimbus
c) Stratus
d) Cirrus

What is climate?
a) short term and unpredictable
b) The average of hourly temperatures over 1 day
c) Lasting average weather changes in an area
d) The average temperature over the entire earth.

What best describes weather?
a) Permanent
b) Temporary
c) Imaginary
d) Controlled

What is the amount of water vapor in the air called?
a) Heat
b) Temperature
c) Humidity
d) Condensation

What causes a body of water to fill up and flood an area?
a) An increase of evaporation
b) An increase in precipitation
c) decrease in ground water
d) A decrease in runoff

How do clouds release water?
a) As precipitation
b) As evaporation
c) As condensation
d) As transpiration

Which of the following directly affects humidity?
a) Precipitation
b) Temperature
c) Water vapor
d) Wind speed

Which instrument is used for measuring air pressure?
a) Anemometer
b) Thermometer
c) Wind vane
d) Barometer

Atmosphere can best be described as:
a) The wind that circulates across the earth
b) A mass of warm dry air
c) The air that surrounds the earth
d) A large body of water found off the coast of Panama

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