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people are born with these, and it is the gov'ts job to protect them (concept)
a) republicanism
b) separation of powers
c) individual rights
d) checks and balances

People have the power. This power is excercised by voting
a) federalism
b) separation of powers
c) limited government
d) popular sovereignty

division of power between nation, state, and local gov't
a) federalism
b) limited government
c) separation of powers
d) popular sovereignty

Gov't cannot do anything it wants
a) separation of powers
b) federalism
c) popular sovereignty
d) limited government

Study of Citizenship (rights and duties)
a) Economics
b) Civics
c) Geography
d) Government

Gov't is divided into three branches
a) separation of powers
b) limited government
c) federalism
d) popular sovereignty

Which of the following is NOT true?
a) Conservative (healthcare): buy your own healthcare and get better service
b) Liberal (healthcare): Gov't should provide healthcare for free
c) Conservative (immigration): anyone can be a citizen LEGALLY
d) Liberal (immigration): US should only accept immigrants from Europe.

Where is the Bill of Rights located?
a) preamble
b) 1st ten amendments
c) Articles
d) Preface

Which of the following is NOT a major political issue in the US?
a) Immigration
b) Education
c) Healthcare
d) Childhood Obesity

Which of the following is not a different version of the NC constitution?
a) 1776
b) 1789
c) 1971
d) 1868

Which of the following is not a right mentioned by John locke?
a) Life
b) Liberty
c) Property
d) Pursuit of Happiness

Which of the following in NOT an unalienable right in the Declaration of Independence?
a) Life
b) Liberty
c) property
d) Pursuit of Happiness

Gov't will protect your individual rights (document)
a) Bill of Rights
b) Articles of Confederation
c) Halifax Resolves
d) Mecklenburg Resolves

we elect officials to represent us.
a) republicanism
b) individual rights
c) checks and balances
d) separation of powers

name of the system that explains how the branches of gov't limit each other
a) checks and balances
b) separation of powers
c) republicanism
d) individual rights

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