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Why did the rise of dictators cause concern in the 1930\\\\\\\'s
a) Countries ruled by dictators became vulnerable to attack.
b) Dictators placed high tarriffs on imported goods.
c) Dictators believed in a week central government.
d) Dictators often planned to attack and conquer other countries.

What event caused the United States to enter World War II?
a) Germany bombed Great Britain.
b) Japan bombed Pearl Harbor.
c) Germany took over much of Western Europe.
d) Japan took over much of China and Southeast Asia.

Who were the Axis powers during World War II?
a) the United States, Great Britain, and France.
b) Germany, Italy, and Japan.
c) the United States, Great Britain, France, and the Soviet Union.
d) Germany,Italy, Japan, and the Soviet Union.

Which of the following best describes Executive Order #9066
a) It allowed many Japanese Americans to become citizens.
b) It allowed many Japanese Americans to join the United Stated Military.
c) It forced many Japanese Americans to move to internment camps.
d) It forced many Japanese Americans to to leave the United States.

Where did the largest sea invasion in world history take place?
a) Normandy, France
b) Hiroshima, Japan
c) Nagasaki, Japan
d) Berlin, Germany

What was the Manhattan Project?
a) the world's first computer.
b) a complicated code machine used by the German Military.
c) the effort by the United States to build an atomic bomb.
d) radio beams used to determine the locations of objects.

How did the use of the atomic bombs impact the outcome of WWII?
a) Japan was forced to retreat from the Pacific Islands.
b) Germany was forced to surrender.
c) Germany was forced to retreat from Western Europe.
d) Japan was forced to surrender.

Why did Great Britain and France declare war on Germany?
a) Germany invaded Austria and Czechoslovakia.
b) Germany invaded Poland.
c) Adolf Hitler became the dictator of Germany.
d) Germany formed an alliance with Italy and Japan.

Which of the following decsribes an effect of WWII on the United States economy?
a) Automobile companies produces a record number of cars.
b) Cities with shpyards declined because so many ships had been sebt overseas.
c) Many factories had to expand to produce military equipment.
d) The airplane industry suffered as the Allies began using airplanes in combat.

Which of the following does NOT describe a role of women during WWII?
a) soldiers
b) pilots
c) factory workers
d) mechanics

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