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Water molecules are polar because
a) oxygen side is slightly negative
b) hydrogen side is slightly negative
c) hydrogen is bigger
d) both sides share electrons evenly

Your body stores extra carbohydrates as
a) glycogen
b) chitin
c) celluose
d) simple sugars

Amino acids are the building block for
a) carbohydrates
b) proteins
c) lipids
d) DNA

a covalent bond can
a) transfer electrons
b) transfer protons
c) share electrons
d) share protons

the common element found in all macromolecules is
a) carbon
b) nitrogen
c) phosphorus
d) gold

One function of lipids in your body is to
a) give quick energy
b) store your genetic information
c) be a waterproof covering
d) control all your cell processess

When making salt water, the SALT would be the
a) solute
b) solvent
c) wet stuff
d) solution

which is an example of a monosaccaride
a) steak
b) glucose
c) vaseline
d) table sugar

the function of carbohydrates in your body is to
a) store your genetic information
b) make waterproof coverings
c) increase your speed
d) help give you energy

why is carbon a special element
a) it is black
b) it can form only hydrogen bonds
c) it can form many bonds with many other elements
d) it can dissolve in water

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