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In 1989, many Chinese students were killed or arrested for protesting in ____________.
a) Washington, D.C.
b) India
c) Tiananmen Square
d) Japan

Local governments, such as town councils, are very important in India. They are called __________ .
a) tariffs
b) Vedas
c) prime ministers
d) Panchayats

What 2 organized groups worked with Gandhi to get independence from British control?
a) Indian National Congress and the Muslim League
b) The Red Guard and the Blue Forward
c) Democrats and Republicans
d) none of the above

The U.S.A. entered the Korean War and the Vietnam War to stop ________.
a) Kim Jong Un
b) Gandhi
c) the spread of communism .
d) the caste system

Who believed that good behavior and virtue were the keys to peace and social order?
a) Confucius
b) Buddha
c) Gandhi
d) Kim Jong Un

Two important rivers in China are the ________ and the ___________.
a) Chattahoochee, Mississippi
b) Ganges, Indus
c) Tigris, Euphrates
d) Huang He, Yangtze

This large inlet of water is east of India.
a) Bay of Bengal
b) Indus River
c) Mekong River
d) Huang He River

Shintoism is a religion practiced in _____________.
a) India
b) Japan
c) China
d) North Korea

Loyalty to a group with whom one shares a common history, culture, or land is called _______
a) nationalism
b) Shintoism
c) domino theory
d) caste system

This important river in India is considered holy, but is polluted with sewage, dead animals, cremated human remains, and industrial waste.
a) Mekong River
b) Indus River
c) Nile River
d) Ganges River

Monotheism means ____________.
a) being sick
b) being poor
c) believing in many gods
d) believing in only one God

What is the Golden Rule of Confucius?
a) All men are created equal
b) Health makes one wealthy and wise
c) There is but one God
d) What you do not like when done to you, do not to others

What are the KAMI that are so important in Shintoism?
a) religious writings from priests
b) Japanese elected leaders
c) spirits that are in nature
d) wise sayings

Non-violently refusing to obey an unfair law is called ________ _________.
a) caste system
b) civil disobedience
c) Cultural Revolution
d) domino theory

Buddhism was founded in
a) Japan
b) China
c) Vietnam
d) India

Buddhism's founder was
a) Jesus
b) Gandhi
c) Muhammad
d) Siddhartha Gautama

What is the caste system?
a) Hindu priesthood
b) a voting system
c) a divided labor movement between men and women
d) the belief that social class is hereditary

What is the sacred Hindu text?
a) Middle Way
b) Bible
c) Vedas
d) Torah

Which describes an ethnic group?
a) people that grow food
b) People who read books
c) people who share religious beliefs
d) People with shared language, culture, religion, etc..

In the Vietnam Conflict, the U.S.A. was unable to stop _____________ from taking over all of Vietnam.
a) Gandhi
b) Ho Chi Minh
c) Kim Jong Un
d) Confucius

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