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When someone is in shock, they are?
a) maniacal
b) stunned
c) ruthless
d) hysterical

When someone acts insane?
a) stunned
b) value
c) maniacal
d) receive

When something is wrong it is?
a) inaccurate
b) accurate
c) rubbish
d) value

What is one whole made by combining 2 or more things?
a) choices
b) value
c) receive
d) combination

To take something is to?
a) receive
b) value
c) amount
d) choices

What does it mean to despise someone?
a) caused to be
b) hate
c) living
d) taken out

What is meant by to jostle?
a) quietly hushed
b) spread through
c) pushing or elbowing
d) cringing; shrinking

What is meant by the real worth?
a) amount
b) value
c) receive
d) combination

What is giving someone praise?
a) choices
b) amount
c) combinations
d) congratulations

What is the act of choosing?
a) choices
b) amount
c) value
d) congratulations

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