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el canal
a) channel
b) actor
c) educational program
d) reality tv show

el programa de concursos
a) action program
b) game show
c) romantic program
d) musical

me aburre
a) It's funny to me.
b) It's sad to me.
c) it's boring to me.
d) It's scary to me.

¿ De veras?
a) Really?
b) Yuck?
c) Is that the truth?
d) No way!

a) on top of
b) besides
c) in front of
d) about, on

por eso
a) that's why, for this reason
b) about, on
c) according to
d) because

el locutor, la locutora
a) announcer, commentator
b) newscaster
c) reporter
d) movie star

a) start
b) finish
c) already
d) at the end

la película de ciencia ficción
a) romantic movie
b) science fiction movie
c) horror movie
d) action movie

el programa de entrevistas
a) reality program
b) drama
c) interview program
d) comedy

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