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Crete is the largest island of which of these countries?
a) Greece
b) Italy
c) Spain
d) Portugal

The people of this city use canals to get from one place to another.
a) Rome
b) San Marino
c) Lisbon
d) Venice

Which country is poliltically unstable and has seen many coalition governments?
a) Greece
b) Italy
c) Portugal
d) Andorra

Which of these countries is on the Balkan Peninsula?
a) Greece
b) Portugal
c) Italy
d) France

The Pope who is head of the Roman Catholic church lives and works in which of these cities?
a) Venice
b) Madrid
c) Vatican City
d) Rome

Hot, dry winds which blow across the Mediterranean Sea from Africa are called ______.
a) basques
b) siroccos
c) andorrans
d) tornadoes

These people live in the Pyrenees, speak a language unlike any other, and want their independence from Spain.
a) Basques
b) Siroccos
c) Andorrans
d) Portuguese

This country is NOT on the Iberian Peninsula.
a) Spain
b) Andorra
c) Greece
d) Portugal

This island is triangle-shaped and is part of Italy.
a) Corsica
b) Sicily
c) Crete
d) Biscay

Land is left unplanted every few years in ___________ farming.
a) circular
b) irrigated
c) rotating
d) dry

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