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Golden Ages In Global History. MC Questions From The Regents.

One way in which the Aztec and Inca civilizations are similar is that they both
a) defeated the Spanish conquistadors
b) developed advanced architectural techniques
c) lacked strong central governments
d) settled primarily in river valleys

One way in which the Ming dynasty in the early 1400s and the Spanish monarchy in the late 1400s are similar is that both governments
a) promoted religious diversity
b) encouraged democratic reforms
c) emphasized equal rights for women
d) supported the expansion of overseas trade

What was one ideal of Renaissance humanism?
a) training as a knight and practicing chivalry
b) obeying divine right monarchs and the church
c) living apart from the world and taking monastic vows
d) investigating areas of interest and fulfilling one’s potential

The concept of zero, the expansion of the caste system, and the creation of the decimal system are most closely associated with the
a) Inca Empire
b) Tokugawa shogunate
c) Song dynasty
d) Gupta Empire

One way the Incas adapted their environment was by
a) building a network of roads through the mountains
b) growing rice as a major agricultural product
c) establishing an encomienda system
d) creating floating gardens

The Gupta Empire was best known for its
a) advances in mathematics and medicine
b) efforts to resist European imperialism
c) development of the barter system
d) construction of Angkor Wat

One major characteristic of the Renaissance period is that the
a) Catholic Church no longer had any influence in Europe
b) manor became the center of economic activity
c) classical cultures of Greece and Rome were revived and imitated
d) major language of the people became Latin

Which civilization first developed a civil service system, invented gunpowder, and manufactured porcelain?
a) Chinese
b) Japanese
c) Aztec
d) Roman

Which factor contributed to the beginning of the Renaissance in Italian cities?
a) occupation by foreign powers
b) interaction with Latin America
c) surplus of porcelain from Japan
d) access to important trade routes

Which statement about the Golden Age of Islam is a fact rather than an opinion?
a) Islamic art was more abstract than Greek art.
b) Muslims were the best early mathematicians.
c) Islamic society preserved Greek and Roman culture.
d) Muslim artists were the best

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