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What was the PRIMARY reason for President Franklin D. Roosevelt's repeated trips to Georgia?
a) His wife was born in Atlanta and raised in Savannah.
b) His Vice-President was a native of Pine Mountain, Georgia.
c) The waters at Warm Springs helped to ease the effects of polio.
d) The coastal area was key to getting his New Deal through Congress.

During World War II the Federal Government allocated millions of dollars for child care programs throughout the United States because
a) Germany, Italy, and Japan offered similar programs for children there.
b) Congress believed the welfare of children was too important to ignore.
c) women were working in factories and needed help caring for their children.
d) many children were orphaned and were sent to the United States for adoption.

This facility, originally opened in 1926, now employs approximately 55,300 people, including transportation, concessionaire, security, federal government, and city employees. It is considered the largest employment center in the State of Georgia.
a) The Port of Savannah
b) The Port of Brunswick
c) Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport
d) Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA)

Which transportation system has had the BIGGEST impact on making Georgia a center of international business?
a) The Port of Brunswick
b) the MARTA rail system
c) Interstates 75, 85, and 20
d) Hartsfield-Jackson Airport

Which of these BEST describes how President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s ties to the state affected Georgia during the Great Depression?
a) He ignored the state because he did not want to show Georgia any favoritism.
b) He pushed for programs to help urban communities but overlooked poor farmers.
c) He offered many programs to the state because he saw the plight of poor farmers.
d) He limited programs to Georgia because he did not think they would help the state.

During World War II, the Georgia cities of Savannah and Brunswick were BEST known for
a) building Liberty ships.
b) manufacturing airplanes.
c) having strong military bases.
d) having military training camps.

The MAIN reason the attack at Pearl Harbor was so damaging is because at the time of the attack
a) most of the United State's navy ships were at the harbor.
b) important members of the military were visiting the harbor.
c) the Congress tried to hold negotiations with the German government.
d) President Roosevelt would not change America’s isolationist policies.

Rural farmers MOST LIKELY benefit from President Roosevelt's establishing the Rural Electrification Administration because they
a) gained access to electricity through newly erected power lines.
b) received price reductions on the electricity they already purchased.
c) made profits by selling electricity to people living in urban areas.
d) were able to produce alcohol illegally and sell it for a substantial profit.

Overproduction in industry and agriculture, war debts, and the stock market crash were all causes of
b) The Dust Bowl
c) The Great Depression
d) The Smoot Hawley Tariff

The governor of Georgia who was strongly opposed to the New Deal and whose death sparked the three governors controversy was
a) Ellis Arnall
b) Eugene Talmadge
c) James V. Carmichael
d) Richard B. Russell, Jr.

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