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Which example best demonstrates the process of conduction?
a) A piece of paper is torn in half
b) Warmed air rises above a lit candle
c) A metal spoon gets warm when used to stir hot soup
d) Sunlight brightens a dark room

Most computers have fans to keep the computers from overheating. Which of these best describes why this is necessary?
a) A computer functions better at cold temperatures
b) Tying on a computer converts kinetic energy to heat
c) Using a computer in a warm room adds heat to the computer
d) The operation of the computer converts electrical energy to heat

Albert is boiling water on the stove. What type of heat is responsible for boiling the water?
a) Convection
b) Conduction
c) Radiation
d) Reduction

A group of students walk into a room. They then feel the temperature increasing. Which of the statement best describes why the room feels warmer?
a) The students get used to the temperature of the room over time
b) The students get distracted and are unaware of the actual temperature
c) As the students move around, their bodies release heat energy into the room
d) As the students move around, their muscles work more

Which statement about heat transfer is true?
a) Magnetism causes heat transfer
b) Electric current transfers from a cooler object to a warmer one
c) Radiation is the method of heat transfer is liquid
d) Heat transfers from a warmer object to a cooler one

Maria sits on a park bench on a cold sunny day. The bench feels warm. What process transfers heat from the bench to Maria's body?
a) Conduction
b) Convection
c) Motion
d) Radiation

Which illustrates potential energy?
a) A rocket sitting on the launch pad
b) Th engines firing
c) The rockets lifting off
d) The astronauts waving

A basketball is at top of a hill, but not yet moving. What type of energy is it showing?
a) Kinetic
b) Solar
c) Potential
d) Fossil Fuel

Which statement best describes what happens to water molecules when the temperature of liquid water is increased?
a) The bonds become stronger, and the molecules move farther apart
b) The bonds become weaker, and the molecules move farther apart
c) The bonds become stronger, and the molecules move closer together
d) The bonds become weaker, and the molecules move closer together

Which of the following is true about energy?
a) Energy is converted from one form to another
b) Energy cannot be converted from one form to another
c) Energy can only be converted to solar or electrical energy
d) Only solar or electrical energy can be converted

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