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The color of the powdered form of a mineral is called
a) cleavage
b) streak
c) luster
d) fracture

Chemical weathering would be
a) most effective in a warm, dry climate
b) most effective in a cold, dry climate
c) most effective in a warm, humid climate
d) equally effective in any climate

Why is ice in a glacier considered to be a mineral, but water from a glacier is not?
a) water is not naturally occurring
b) water does not have a chemical composition
c) ice is not naturally occurring
d) ice is a solid, but water is not

Fresh water is used for which of the following?
a) drinking
b) growing food
c) cooking
d) all of the above

A mass movement that involves the sudden movement of a block of material along a flat, incluned surface is called a
a) slide
b) rockfall
c) slump
d) flow

Hydroelectric power is produced by
a) falling water that turns a turbine
b) tides that pour through a dam barrier
c) hot water that comes from deep underground
d) electric current that flows across a dam

Material deposited directly by a glacier is called
a) a kettle
b) rock flour
c) till
d) stratified drift

A natural levee is
a) an erosional feature perpendicular to the stream channel
b) a depositional feature perpendicular to the stream channel
c) an erosional feature parallel to the stream channel
d) a depositional feature parallel to the stream channel

Which of the following weathering processes involves the constant freezing and thawing of water?
a) unloading
b) frost wedging
c) exfoliation
d) spheroidal weathering

A depositional feature that forms where a stream enters a lake or ocean is a(n)
a) delta
b) natural levee
c) meander
d) oxbow lake

What is one of the drawbacks to the extensive use of solar energy?
a) Necessary equipment and installation are expensive
b) it is nonrenewable
c) it is available only at nght
d) it produces toxic pollution

Wegner's continental drift hypothesis stated that all the continents once joined together to form
a) 1 major supercontinent
b) 3 major supercontinent
c) 2 major supercontinent
d) 2 major supercontinents and 3 smaller continents

The Himalayas in South Asia are an example of what type of plate boundary?
a) convergent continental-continental boundary
b) convergent oceanic-continental boundary
c) divergent boundary
d) transform fault boundary

Which of the following properties is generally the least useful in identifying minerals?
a) color
b) cleavage
c) streak
d) hardness

Which of Earth's spheres includes the oceans, groundwater, lake, and glaciers?
a) the atmosphere
b) the hydrosphere
c) the biosphere
d) the geosphere

Which of the following is the result of chemical weathering?
a) a rock that has been changed into one or more new compounds
b) a rock that has been broken into tiny pieces
c) a rock that has been split in two
d) a rock that has lost its outer layers

Groundwater is found underground in the zone of
a) aeration
b) soil
c) saturation
d) sediment

What type of sedimentary rock is formed from weathered particles of rocks and minerals?
a) clastic sedimentary rock
b) biochemical sedimentary rock
c) chemical sedimentary rock
d) intrusive sedimentary rock

A rock that forms when magma hardens beneath Earth's surface is called
a) intrusive igneous rock
b) intrusive metamorphic rock
c) extrusive sedimentary rock
d) extrusive igneous rock

What is the driving force for the movement of the lithospheric plates?
a) heat from the sun
b) unequal distribution of heat within Earth
c) heat in the atmosphere
d) unequal distribution of heat in the ocean

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