Preschool Prep 4 Question Preview (ID: 1782)

A Review Of Preschool Teaching. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

Which one of he following is a barrier to children with special needs?
a) family resource center
b) parent support group
c) restrictive legislation
d) special training workshops

Samples of children's artwork in a portfolio illustrate
a) cognitive ability
b) creative ability
c) language appreciation
d) large motor skills

To observe children effectively
a) use a one-way mirror if available
b) make eye contact with them
c) sit as close as possible
d) think of ways to start conversations with them

A running record would be most appropriate for
a) assessing a certain child's toileting needs
b) the first time a child says please when asking for something
c) a child's attempt to tie his/her shoes
d) the longth of time a child plays on different playground equipment

The child first forms a concept of self in
a) infancy
b) preschool
c) elementary school
d) junior high

A positive way to teach children about their community is to
a) invite parents and neighborhood people to talk about their jobs
b) show a video of a similar neighborhood
c) read a story
d) color a picture of community helpers

A family's cultural background
a) is not important for children
b) can be disruptive in the classroom
c) will aid children's development of bias
d) can enhance the center curriculum

Songs selected for preschool children should include those
a) that have nonsense words
b) with little rhythm
c) that have few actions
d) that have few repetitions

Paper, paints, brushes, crayons, felt-tip markers, and glue should be
a) kept on low shelves next to the art table
b) stored out of children's reach
c) used once a week
d) used occasionally

Four year olds' dramatic play focuses on
a) home realted themes
b) caring for babies
c) dressing up like kings and queens
d) TV characters

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