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Who were the FIRST to offer to help the colonists fight the British?
a) Portuguese
b) French
c) Polish

Sir Francis Bacon created the ________ ____________.
a) encyclopedia
b) element chart
c) scientific method

Copernicus came up with the _________________ Model which placed the sun at the center at the universe.
a) Heliocentric Model
b) Geocentric Model
c) Neocentric Model

What British General’s surrender leads to the end of the American Revolution?
a) Napoleon
b) General Washington
c) General Cornwallis

What king of Austria abolished serfdom?
a) Joseph II
b) Frederick the Great
c) William II

What was the REAL 1st “World War”?
a) American Revolution
b) French Revolution
c) Seven Years' War

___________ dissected animals rather than humans to study anatomy and thought the human body had 2 different types of blood in it.
a) Kepler
b) Newton
c) Galen

What model claims that the Earth is the center of the universe?
a) Geocentric Model
b) Papalcentric Model
c) Heliocentric Model

_________ __________ was a scientist that developed the law of gravity.
a) Johannes Kepler
b) Isaac Newton
c) Galileo Galilei

Who felt government power should be separated into different branches; each branch checking the other branches to prevent them from abusing and overusing their power, and to keep one power from running the country? (Checks and Balance System)
a) Thomas Paine
b) Montesquieu
c) King Louis XIV

What famous woman ruled Russia?
a) Catherine the Great
b) Mary I
c) Maria Theresa

Galileo Galilei made one of the first _______________________, using it to study planets, and make discoveries about the planets.
a) satellite
b) telescope
c) compound microscope

The American Revolution was a direct influence of the __________________.
a) Renaissance
b) Enlightenment
c) Protestant Reformation

Who said, “I think, therefore I am.” and urged scientists to use logic, and mathematics to reason out basic truths.
a) Andreas Vesalius
b) Sir Francis Bacon
c) Descartes

Who fought for tolerance, religion, and freedom of speech?
a) Adam Smith
b) Voltaire
c) Diderot

What was added to the Constitution in 1791?
a) signatures
b) Bill of Rights
c) Declaration of Independence

During the __________________ ages, very few scholars questioned ideas that had always been accepted.
a) Middle
b) Dark
c) Stone

What Act caused colonists to become aggressive, often violent?
a) Housing Act
b) Stamp Act
c) Healthcare Act

John Locke’s ideas were the basis of modern what?
a) philosophy
b) psychiatry
c) democracy

What woman led Austria?
a) Elizabeth I
b) Maria Theresa
c) Catherine the Great

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