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The most common mineral group in Earth's crust is the
a) oxides
b) carbonates
c) sulfides
d) silicates

Which of the following is true about ice sheets
a) they are the smallest type of glacier
b) they flow in all directions
c) they usually flow down valleys
d) they are found only in high mountain areas

What is the most important law passed to deal with air pollution?
a) Resource Conservation and Recovery Act
b) Clean Air Act
c) Comprehensive Environmental Resoponse, Compensation, and Liability Act
d) Clean Water Act

Which of the following results when divergence occurs between 2 oceanic plates?
a) seafloor spreading
b) a subduction zone
c) an ocean trench
d) a volcanic island arc

Which of the folloing represents the correct order of the processes involved in sedimentary rock formation?
a) erosion, weathering, compaction, cementation, deposition
b) compaction, cementation, deposition, weathering, erosion
c) deposition, cementation, compaction, erosion, weathering
d) weathering, erosion, deposition, compaction, cementation

A thick ice mass that forms over the land from the accumulation, compaction, and recrystallization of snow is a
a) fjord
b) glacier
c) drumlin
d) cirque

Which of the following is NOT true about glaciers?
a) the originate on land
b) they exist only in the Northern Hemisphere
c) they show evidence of past or present flow
d) they form from the recrystallization of snow

Which of the following statements best describes a slump?
a) slippage of a block of material moving along a curved surface
b) blocks of rock sliding down a slope
c) rapid flow of water-saturated debris, most common in mountainous areas
d) slow downhill movement of soil and regolith

Which of the following is associated with areas of karst topography
a) sinkholes
b) sinking streams
c) carvens
d) all of the above

one characteristic of glacial movement is the
a) all glaciers, regardless of size, move at about the same rate
b) new snowfall accumulates in a zone at the bottom of the glacier
c) the zone of wastage is at the top of the glacier
d) the movement depends on the balance between accumulation and wastage

Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of minerals?
a) crystalline structure
b) formed by inorganinc processes
c) definite chemical composition
d) either liquid or solid

A foliated metamorphic rock forms when crystals
a) combine and form visible bands
b) combine but do not form visible bands
c) become less compact
d) align themselves parallel to the direction of the forces acting on them

The advantage of solar energy includes the fact that it is
a) nonrenewable
b) non- polluting
c) expensive
d) absent at night

base level is
a) any part of the stream that is below sea level
b) the lowest point to which a stream can erode its channel
c) the source from which the steam flows
d) the elevation of a stream's largest tributary

at a transform fault boundary
a) new oceanic crust is formed
b) oceanic lithosphere is destroyed
c) lithosphere is neither destroyed nor produced
d) new continental crust is formed

New ocean crust is formed at
a) divergent boundaries
b) convergent boundaries
c) continental volcanic arcs
d) transform fault boundaries

Why is the density of a mineral?
a) the ratio of a mineral's mass to its volume
b) the ratio of a minerals height to its weight
c) a minerals mass
d) a minerals volume

a divergent boundary at 2 continental plates can result in a
a) rift valley
b) volcanic island arc
c) continental volcanic arc
d) subduction zone

Which of the following is an example of a nonrenewable resource?
a) cotton
b) trees
c) cattle
d) uranium

Strips of alternating magnetic polarities found in rocks in the ocean basin
a) conflict with the theory of plate tectonics
b) provide evidence that Earth's magnetic field has never reversed polarity
c) indicate changes in Earth's gravitation field
d) provide evidence for seafloor spreading

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