Preschool Prep 3 Question Preview (ID: 1781)

A Review Of Preschool Teaching.

Emergency contact information on all children at the center should contain
a) emergency telephone numbers
b) food likes and dislikes
c) emergency treatments for accidents
d) all of the above

Child care licensing is generally obtained from the ____________government
a) city
b) county
c) state
d) federal

By including multicultual materials, teachers foster
a) an awareness of different cultures
b) respect for differences in others
c) bias opinions
d) both awareness of different cultures and respect for differences in others

Toys and materials not in use should be stores in a/an
a) closed cabinet on a high shelf
b) area close to where they will be used
c) toy box
d) locked cabinet

A consistent routine
a) helps the child feel safe and secure
b) interferes with good teaching
c) expects too much of the child
d) all of the above

Long, open areas in a classroom invite children to
a) form long lines and march soldiers
b) run
c) walk in an orderly fashion
d) play quietly

When using a planned lesson, the caregiver should
a) take a cue from the children's feedback
b) stick to the lesson plan
c) use up all the time allotted for the lesson
d) expect the lesson to be a success

Music activities include
a) singing songs
b) playing instruments
c) moving to music
d) all of the above

Reading, writing, listening, and speaking are all considered ________________skills.
a) conceptual
b) empathetic
c) multicultural
d) language

An alternative form of communication that involves the use of a computer is
a) voice synthesizer
b) sign language
c) picture exchange
d) symbol exchange

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