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What is a nutrient found in foods that is required by the body and is made by other organisms?
a) molecule
b) amino acid
c) vitamin
d) mineral

What is the building block of proteins?
a) amino acid
b) vitamin
c) molecule
d) mineral

What is the smallest part of a substance that has all the properties of that substance?
a) vitamin
b) molecule
c) mineral
d) amino acid

What is a nutrient needed by the body to develop and function properly?
a) molecule
b) amino acid
c) vitamin
d) mineral

Which amino acid helps boost the immune system?
a) lysine
b) valine
c) tryptophan
d) histadine

All proteins contain atoms of carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, and
a) nitrogen
b) sodium
c) calcium
d) chlorine

Cells make proteins in a process called
a) replication
b) photosynthesis
c) protein synthesis
d) reproduction

Which of the following is not an important use of proteins?
a) to build new cells
b) repair damaged cells
c) to produce amino acids
d) to make enzymes

Which of the following amino acids can not be found in dairy products?
a) isoleucine
b) threonine
c) phenylalanine
d) tryptophan

An example of a deficiency disease that causes soft bones is
a) night blindness
b) pellagra
c) rickets
d) scurvy

Leafy vegetables, vegetable oil, and milk can help prevent
a) beriberi
b) mild anemia
c) birth defects
d) poor blood clotting

Which of the following is not an important use of vitamin D?
a) It helps the body get energy from carbohydrates.
b) It helps keep bones healthy.
c) It helps the body use calcium.
d) It helps keep teeth healthy.

You have cut yourself and notice that your blood is slow to clot. What vitamin might you be lacking in your diet?
a) vitamin B1
b) vitamin C
c) vitamin E
d) vitamin K

Which of the following vitamins is made by the body?
a) vitamin D
b) vitamin A
c) vitamin C
d) vitamin B

Having too little of the mineral iron can cause
a) rickets
b) goiter
c) anemia
d) beriberi

The body needs large amounts of calcium, phosphorus, and
a) iron
b) iodine
c) zinc
d) sodium

Sodium is needed for healthy muscles and
a) teeth
b) bones
c) nerves
d) cells

Bones are hard because they contain
a) iodine
b) iron
c) zinc
d) calcium

Which of the following is not a good source of potassium?
a) bananas
b) oranges
c) nuts
d) vegetables

You are feeling tired and weak. What mineral might you be deficient in?
a) iron
b) potassium
c) magnesium
d) calcium

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