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The term selectively permeable is best appled to
a) the cell wall
b) the cell membrane
c) the nucleus
d) the mitochondrion

The process by which water passes into a cell is called
a) diffusion
b) osmosis
c) phagocytosis
d) active transport

The compound cellulose is a major component of
a) the cell membrane
b) the nucleus
c) the cell wall
d) the nucleolus

the dispersal of ammonia fumes throughout a room is an example of
a) diffusion
b) osmosis
c) active transport
d) phagocytosis

What is an enzyme?
a) a specialized protein that acts to start or speed up chemical reactions in living organisms
b) storage of genetic information
c) the untwisting and unzipping of DNA

The structure that regulates what enters and leaves the cell is called
a) the nucleus
b) the cell wall
c) the nuclear membrane
d) the cell membrane

Which is NOT true of the nucleus
a) the nucleus controls most activities in the cell
b) the nucleus contains the hereditary material
c) the nucleus provides energy to the cell
d) the nucleus transmits the hereditary material

The 3 basic parts of a complete cell are the
a) DNA, cell membrane, and cytoplasm
b) nucleus, chromosomes, and DNA
c) cytoplasm, organelles, and cell membrane
d) cell membrane, cytoplasm, and mitochondria

Surface area is an important factor in limiting cell growth because
a) the cell can burst if the membrane becomes too large
b) materials cannot enter the cell
c) the exchange of vital materials such as oxygen and food, cannot occur rapidly enough to sustain the cell
d) it would result in mutations

Diffusion is the movement of chemicals from an area of _________ concentration to an area of ____________ concentration
a) low, high
b) medium, high
c) high, low
d) low, medium

Cell division in multicellular organisms account for all of the following except
a) growth
b) repairing bones
c) healing cuts
d) appetite

the production of offspring from one parent is called
a) sexual reproduction
b) asexual reproduction
c) meiosis
d) replication

What is a non renewable resource?
a) Example is wood, cotton, air, water, sun, soil
b) something that once it is used cannot be replaced
c) something that can be replenished through natural processes

Why do cells divide?
a) replacement, repair, and learning
b) replacement, want, growth, and reproduction
c) replacement, repair, growth, and reproduction
d) replacement, need, want, and drive

Gamates are
a) end products of mitosis
b) special vegetative cells
c) sexual reproductive cells
d) dound only in invertebrates

Organic compounds contain
a) carbon
b) oxygen
c) hydrogen
d) nitrogen

The oricess used to put molecules together is
a) hydrolysis
b) rehydration
c) dehydration synthesis
d) synthesis

The major difference between DNA and RNA is
a) RNA is single stranded
b) DNA leaves the nucleus
c) Uracil is found in DNA
d) only DNA is found in humans

Fatty acids and amino acids contain a group of elements (COOH-) which is called the
a) Amino group
b) Carboxyl group
c) Nitrogen group
d) Hydroxyl group

A molecule made up of three or more amino acids is called a
a) dipeptide
b) polysaccharide
c) nucleic acid
d) polypeptide

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