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The war ended first. Which of the following correctly lists the order of events?
a) atomic bomb was tested; war ended in Europe; atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima
b) atomic bomb was tested; atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima; war ended in Europe
c) war ended in Europe; atomic bomb was tested; atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima

There was destruction and many people died. Which of the following statements correctly describes the destruction the atomic bomb caused at Hiroshima?
a) There was little damage outside the inner city and hundreds of people were killed.
b) The bomb destroyed most of Hiroshima's buildings, but few people were killed.
c) The entire city was destroyed and tens of thousands of people were killed.
d) Tens of thousands of people were killed, but the bomb did little physical damage.

Franklin Roosevelt was good in a crisis, inspirational, helped the two party and won the war. Which statements describe FDR's presidency?
a) FDR resisted bringing new people into government.
b) FDR was effective in a crisis, inspirational,won the war and strengthened two party system.
c) FDR refused to sign legislation that would protect the environment.

Horrible things happened in the camps. Which of the following is an example of the evils of totalitarian government in Nazi Germany?
a) military factories
b) concentration camps
c) prisons
d) free speech

President Truman wanted to end the war quickly. Why did Truman decide to use the atomic bomb to end the war?
a) to test the effects of an atomic bomb on a city
b) to quickly end the war without an invasion
c) to keep the Russians from entering the war
d) to show the world a new superweapon

Soviet Union not a democratic nation. Axis powers (Germany, Japan, and Italy) Allied powers (US, Great Britain both democratic nations). The third major Allied power was not a democratic nation. Identify the nation.
a) China was an ally.
b) Soviet Union became US ally after Germany invaded Soviet Union and broke Nazi-Soviet pact
c) Japan was an ally

Military leaders changed their strategy in 1942 from offensive to defensive Describe the kind of war America had been fighting from December 1941 to the summer of 1942, and then describe the new strategy. Include the name of the battle that marke
a) Military leaders fought with words instead of weapons. I don't like you. I don't like you either.
b) With the U.S. victory at Guadalcanal, military leaders changed to an offensive strategy.

Franklin Roosevelt served many terms. Who is the only U.S. president to have served more than two terms?
a) Theodore Roosevelt
b) Calvin Coolidge
c) Franklin Roosevelt
d) Harry Truman

Everyone should have freedom of speech, expression, not want for anything or be afraid. What were FDR's goals for the end of the war?
a) Every person should have freedom of speech and expression. free from want and fear.
b) Every person should practice Christianity, Judaism, or Islam.

Japanese and Japanese Americans were discriminated against. e United States denied democracy to some of its own citizens. Describe how it happened and who was denied rights.
a) After the Pearl Harbor attack people suspected Japanese people of being spies. They were put in camps denied 5th Amendment
b) White people were discriminated against for shopping at Walmart.

US troops did meet resistance. U.S. troops at Omaha Beach met stiff resistance from German gun emplacements until warships began shelling the Germans.
a) yes
b) no

Eisenhower was in charge. Who was the Supreme Allied Commander in charge of D-Day?
a) Omar Bradley
b) Erwin Rommel
c) Bernard Montgomery
d) Dwight D. Eisenhower

Truman wasn't controversial. He was intelligent and had varied experiences. Which characteristics and experience did Truman bring to the presidency?
a) Truman had lots of enemies in Congress.
b) Truman was known to be intelligent, honest, and fair-minded. Truman brought a wide range of experiences to the presidency.
c) Truman never lost his temper.

They planned at the conference. What were the Atlantic Charter and the Yalta Conference?
a) Secret meetings where Allies discussed how best to divide up the world after the war
b) Steps the Allies took toward planning for the postwar era
c) Two battles in which the Axis powers suffered tremendous casualties
d) Agreements made between the Allies and the Axis regarding postwar peace

Some problems and loss of life. Which statements correctly describe D-Day?
a) Some problems, brilliant strategies resulted in loss of life, end for Nazi Germany.
b) The invasion was poorly planned, partly because of conflict between American and British commanders.
c) Landings at all five beaches were successful, and troops were able to secure each objective with little loss of life.

Codes were cracked and surrenders took place. Which events occurred in 1943 and helped to make the Allied victory possible?
a) The Allies crack the German naval code. A German army division surrenders at Stalingrad.
b) Hitler violates the Nazi-Soviet Pact by invading the Soviet Union.
c) Japanese and Americans of Japanese ancestry are forced to relocate to internment camps.

Allied forces took the offensive. Which of the following statements best describes the importance of the Battle of Guadalcanal?
a) The Japanese increased their reach south toward Australia and New Zealand.
b) Allied forces began to take the offensive for the first time in the Pacific.
c) Germany and Japan formally allied their military forces for the first time.
d) The U.S. and Japan began looking for ways to peacefully end the Pacific conflict.

How do most people feel about a war ending? Ask to see picture.
a) sad, disappointed, angry
b) happy, relieved, celabatory

What would you hope for the future after the end of the war?
a) Yes, you told me.
b) No, you didn't tell me.

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