Preschool Prep 2 Question Preview (ID: 1780)

A Review Of Preschool Teaching.

Preschool children learn best by
a) listening to adult explanations
b) observing their peers
c) experienceing sensory activities
d) thinking aobut consequences

Children learn math concepts best through
a) workbook sheets
b) concrete learning experiences
c) abstract learning experiences
d) thinking aobut consequences

Children first solve problems throught the process of
a) thinking them through
b) using trial and error
c) seeking adult direction
d) seeking peer help

When a child has many toilet accidents at a child care center, it is best to
a) put the child in diapers
b) ask the child why the teacher wasn't told
c) ask the parents about physical problems
d) Have the child sit in wet clothes

Caregivers encourage good attitudes toward eating when they
a) introduce several new foods in a meal
b) make food choices for the children
c) insist the children
d) eat with the children

The caregiver's role at mealtime includes
a) assuring that each child cleans his/her plate
b) setting an example by eating a variety of foods
c) taking turns sitting by each child
d) keeping mealtime on schedule

Cereals, flour, and cornmeal should be stored
a) in airtight containers
b) under cabinets in bins
c) in counter top containers
d) out of reach of the children

Children require an immunization against
a) mumps
b) malaria
c) hepatitis
d) West Nile virus

Bleaches, detergents and other cleaners should be stored
a) in a locked cabinet
b) in the bathroom
c) on back shelves under the sink
d) nowhere at the center

If a child becomes ill while at the child care center, he/she should be
a) moved to a table to sit
b) taken to the bathroom
c) placed in a special isolated area
d) placed with the other children

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