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Which way is not used to move or copy a sheet?
a) insert tab
b) home tab
c) right click the sheet tab
d) drag the sheet tab

What Tab do you use to Insert/Delete a Worksheet?
a) home
b) view
c) insert
d) page layout

when moving or copying a worksheet, where will the new sheet be placed by default?
a) beginning sheet
b) ending sheet
c) second from left
d) second from right

Which one is not a way to modify Rows and Columns:
a) highlight columns and press enter
b) double click between column headers
c) Go to Home tabCells group Format button.
d) drag the column boundary manually

new columns insert _________ of the selected cell
a) to the left
b) to the right
c) above
d) below

when inserting a new row, it appears _________ the selected cells
a) above
b) below
c) to the right
d) to the left

Which drop down list changes the tab color?
a) format
b) view
c) color
d) cells

Print is located under which tab
a) file
b) home
c) insert
d) page layout

He space between the edge of your document and the text
a) margin
b) space
c) area
d) text

What is another way to move worksheets besides using the dialouge box
a) click and drag
b) double click the sheet tab
c) right click in the column above
d) click on the row heading

The format button is found in which group?
a) cells
b) view
c) alignment
d) font

Which one of the following is not a print selection options:
a) Print text only
b) print active sheets
c) print selection
d) print entire workbook

Where will the page break be inserted in the worksheet?
a) To the left and above of the selected cell
b) to the right and above of the selected cell
c) Below the selected cell
d) Above the selected cell

Which tab is the Insert Page Break option located?
a) page layout
b) insert
c) home
d) view

if you want to split a workbook you have to go to the ______ tab
a) view
b) home
c) page layout
d) insert

how do you adjust the size of panes after you split them?
a) click and drag
b) move them
c) copy cells
d) right click

There appears a contextual tab when you edit headers and footers
a) True
b) False
c) unicorns
d) rainbows

What view do you select to edit headers/footers?
a) page layout
b) page break preview
c) normal
d) potaaatttoooooo

Which of the following is NOT an automatic scaling option
a) print selection on one page
b) print all columns on one page
c) print all rows on one page
d) no scaling

What is used when printing a worksheet to control the number of pages by specifying the number of pages for width and height?
a) scaling
b) margins
c) alignment
d) spacing

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