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How did the Allies respond to Wilson's vision for peace?
a) Britain and France showed little sign of agreeing to Wilson's plan.
b) Britain and France were concerned with strengthening their own security.
c) Britain and France wanted to strip Germany of its war-making power.
d) All of these.

How did the Treaty of Versailles affect postwar Germany?
a) It left a legacy of bitterness and hatred in the hearts of the German people.
b) It stabilized the German economy and gave monetary aid to the nation.
c) It left Germany in much the same state as it was before the war.
d) It gave Germans the drive to rebuild their nation on a stronger foundation.

In 1917, Germany returned to its policy of unrestricted submarine warfare, hoping to
a) keep cargo ships from reaching Great Britain.
b) bring the United States into the war.
c) force Russia to withdraw from the war.
d) destroy the British ships blockading German ports.

The armistice signed near Paris in November 1918 brought an end to
a) World War I.
b) Kaiser Wilhelm's rule.
c) the Second Battle of the Marne.
d) Russia's involvement in the war.

The purpose of propaganda during World War I was to
a) influence public opinion.
b) expose antiwar activity.
c) inform the public.
d) censor the press.

The system of rationing was designed to limit
a) purchases of consumer goods.
b) civilian antiwar activities.
c) production of luxury items.
d) the number of men needed in the civilian work force.

The Zimmermann note, which pushed the United States to enter the war, exposed the German plan to
a) help Mexico regain U.S. territory.
b) make a truce with Russia.
c) sink passenger ships without warning.
d) plant German spies in the United States.

What action on November 11, 1918, brought World War I to an end?
a) An armistice was signed.
b) A surrender was given.
c) A propaganda campaign was waged.
d) The allies won a major battle.

What actions led to the formation of new nations out of the Central Powers?
a) provisions of peace treaties signed with the Central Powers
b) Wilson's idea of self-determination that inspired revolutions in Europe
c) military occupation of the defeated nations and redistribution of peoples
d) a direction by the League of Nations to realign territories after the war

What did the Central Powers gain over Russia at the battle near Tannenberg?
a) Germany drove the Russians into full retreat.
b) German forces killed the czar.
c) Germany seized Russia's only port.
d) All of these are true.

What did the policy of unrestricted submarine warfare refer to?
a) Germany's policy to sink any ship in British waters without warning
b) Britain's policy to sink any ship in German waters without warning
c) the U.S. Navy's warning of the type of warfare the Central Powers could expect
d) Germany's decision to focus its resources on the waters surrounding Europe

What did the war become once the participating countries began devoting all of their resources to the war effort?
a) total war
b) uncontrolled war
c) world war
d) industrial war

What event in Sarajevo ignited the Great War?
a) the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie
b) an ultimatum presented to Serbia in response to royal assassinations
c) Austria's rejection of Serbia's offer and declaration of war on Serbia
d) Russia's mobilization of troops along the Austrian border

What gamble did Germany make before the United States entered the war?
a) that their blockade would defeat Britain before U.S. troops arrived
b) that unrestricted submarine warfare would defeat the United States
c) that the Gallipoli campaign would weaken the forces on the Western Front
d) that a defeat of Russia would lead to a German victory in the war

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